LUCI LIVE for Android


The must-have mobile journalism app. LUCI LIVE converts your Smartphone or tablet into a professional live internet radio device.

Live two-way studio quality audio, broadcast to many different types of professional IP-codecs and LUCI STUDIO.


  • Studio quality audio
  • RTP over UDP low-delay streaming, two-way
  • N/ACIP compatible
  • 1-Way shoutcast/icecast streaming
  • Record while broadcasting
  • Edit your Recording
  • Play prerecorded material while broadcasting
  • Stream cloning

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LUCI LIVE for Android

Live two-way studio quality audio, broadcast to many different types of professional IP-codecs.

LUCI LIVE transforms your Smartphone or tablet into a high-quality, live internet broadcasting source. With the availability of mobile or fixed-line internet access and the use of LUCI LIVE , the cost of live broadcasting is practically zero. LUCI LIVE includes the built-in options of recording while broadcasting live. It also has the renowned LUCI ‘under the hood’ engine, so you can depend on reliable technology and software while enjoying features like input equalizing and support for high-quality accessories. LUCI LIVE can even play pre-recorded material during a live broadcast!


    • RTP over UDP low-delay streaming, two-way, so including return channel
    • SIP, N/ACIP compatible
    • 1-Way shoutcast/icecast streaming
    • Record while broadcasting
    • Play i.e. insert prerecorded material while broadcasting live
    • Stream cloning, send redundant streams via 3G, Wifi , Ethernet simultaneously
    • Codecs: MP2,AAC, AAC-HE, AAC-HEV2, AAC-LD, AAC-ELD, Opus, G711, G722, ULCC
    • 24-bit ULCC audio codec
    • Sample-rate from 44.1 to 48 kHz
    • Studio quality audio
    • Constantly updated to the latest IP-technology and standards
    • Free help desk via support tickets

Supported devices

    • Android phones with Android 2.3.3 minimum
    • Android tablets with Android 3.0 minimum
    • Screen size of 800 x 480 minimum
    • See our Shop for more supported platforms

Pre record and insert items

LUCI LIVE also allows you to pre-record and edit items (top & tail) to be inserted during your live broadcast. For your dialogue with the studio – this extra feature can illustrate i.e. show what has been said earlier as you have recorded it before – it just gives that bit extra to your live item. What’s more, the entire live item can in turn also be recorded with the inserted item and furthermore – if required – also be edited / broadcast / listened to / posted on internet / delivered to other broadcasters repeatedly.

Upload your phonebook

Another handy tool is the LUCI LIVE address book in which an unlimited number of broadcasters / studios / destinations can be entered as contacts with IP addresses (imported by means of a CSV file), so that you have a large selection of broadcasters/studios to choose from for streaming. Ideal for freelancers or reporters who work with several different studios.

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