Extra stream for LUCI STUDIO


Professional audio over IP networking software

Add one or more extra stereo bi-directional streams to your LUCI STUDIO


  • Studio quality audio
  • RTP over UDP low-delay streaming, two-way
  • N/ACIP compatible
  • Extendable to up to 64 simultaneous stereo streams
  • Stream cloning

After a validated payment you will receive a email with install guidelines of the LUCI STUDIO software. Please fill in the activation code of your Luci Studio installation you want the instance(s) to be added to.

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Extra stream for LUCI STUDIO

A LUCI Studio comes by default with 1 stereo stream

You can have multiple simultaneous connections from the field to the same PC in your LUCI STUDIO with extra LUCI STUDIO streams (extra streams possible up to 64) from the same PC, by using only a PC, LUCI STUDIO software and any multichannel soundcard !


    • extra stereo bi-directoinal stream
    • Transmit RTP low-delay streams from the field, includes receiving a return channel
    • Support for multicast streaming connections, Transmit or Receive
    • SIP
    • Easy multichannel configuration with new version 3.0. Configurations of 40 simultaneous stereo streams per computer are possible
    • Codecs: MP2,AAC, AAC-HE, AAC-HEV2, AAC-LD, AAC-ELD, OPUS, G711, G722, ULCC, FLAC, Linear
    • 24-bit ULCC audio codec
    • Sample-rate from 44.1 to 384 kHz
    • Constantly updated to the latest IP-technology and standards
    • Free help desk via support tickets

Supported software

    • Only in combination with LUCI STUDIO V4 , V5 and higher.

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